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Let us design a room to help you get away from it all!  Imagine a room with open outside views, but protected from outdoor discomforts.  This is the Elite Lifestyle Sunroom where you can relax from the stress of the day.  Elite sunrooms are designed to a higher level.  With its unique elegant appearance, superior design, and heavy gauged materials, Elite’s advanced construction is unmatched.  Concealed fasteners and connections, contoured profiles, unique fingertip operating windows, set our sunrooms apart from all others.  Sunrooms can be installed under existing roofed patios or solid-core composite aluminum roofing can be added to your home.  Baked on power coated finishes are available in white, sandstone, and bronze.  Positive locking systems are installed in all doors and windows.  So sit back and let us create a place of peace and tranquility with the Elite Lifestyle Sunroom!

Ask us about the Elite 2000 enclosures with hidden fastners and contoured extrusions.

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