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Aluminum Panels

Lightweight aluminum panels offer excellent protection against hurricane force winds and flying debris. Different methods of installation are available, from direct mount, to top and bottom mounting tracks for quick and easy installation. They can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Ask us about the Elite 2000 enclosures with hidden fastners and contoured extrusions.

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Accordian Shutters

Accordian shutters offer a quick and easy way not only to protect your home from storms, but for security as well. Simply slide and lock. In no time your windows and doors are protected. Standard colors are white, ivory, bronze and beige.

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CAT-5 Netting System

CAT-5 netting offers a unique concept for storm protection. It can be used as a wind abatement or for hurricane protection. Reinforced with thousands of fibers per square inch in each direction, it provides incredible strength, deflecting and reducing wind pressure. It also protects from flying debris. It can be used to protect homes, roofs, mobile homes, sheds, carports, signs, boats, airplanes, just about anything!

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