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Pool enclosures offer the ability to enjoy the outdoors while keeping insects and debris out, reducing pool cleaning and chemicals.  They create a barrier, keeping children from entering and falling into your pool.

Our pool enclosures are built like no others using top quality beams, columns, extrusions, and screening.  There are no short cuts.  All of our primary connections are thru-bolted, not just screwed.  3/8” stainless wedge anchors are used to fasten the columns to the concrete.  Columns are also thru-bolted.  Our structural gutter has heavy gauged aluminum brackets thru-bolted at every beam connection.  The white or bronze finishes are power coated and baked, providing easy maintenance and longevity.

Bring the outdoors in with our open designs.  Expand your living area and enhance your pool or patio.  During the cooler days, open your doors and windows and enjoy the day.

Have an existing enclosure that has been damaged or weakened by storms or hurricanes?  We will reinforce it, repair it, or re-screen it.

Ask us about the Elite 2000 enclosures with hidden fastners and contoured extrusions.

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