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Tiki Alumnum Products, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years with the same owners.

The ownerís experience in fabrication, installation of custom design make TIKI your best option for custom aluminum products in South Florida.

Each job is critiqued and engineered to the strictest standards by the owners themselves. We design and build everything from screen rooms, pool enclosures, covered pool enclosures, aluminum railings, storm protection, acrylic rooms, carports, composite roofs, sun rooms, custom sheds, mobile home additions, and much more.

We have served all of Palm Beach and Broward County for more than 30 years. Give us a call today for a FREE ESTIMATE!

954-463-8441 - Broward
561-338-3131 - Boca Raton
License #CGC031479

Screen Rooms

Screen Room with Composite Aluminum Roofing

Relax and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about sun, rain or bugs. Screen rooms also provide a great place for kids and pets.
  Screen Rooms

Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures offer the ability to enjoy the outdoors while keeping insects and debris out, reducing pool cleaning and chemicals. They create a barrier, keeping children from entering and falling into your pool.
  Screen Rooms

Covered Pool Enclosures

Have a pool and donít want to screen it? How about roofing and enclosing it? How about skylights?

Screen Rooms

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings offer an aesthetically pleasing way to protect your pool and property.
  Screen Rooms

Aluminum Panels

Lightweight aluminum panels offer excellent protection against hurricane force winds and flying debris.
  Screen Rooms

Screen Rooms with Acrylic or Vinyl Windows

Acrylic or vinyl windows are designed to enclose your screen room keeping rain and debris from coming in through the side screens.

Screen Rooms


Want to protect your car, truck, boat, motor-home, etc? Consider our closed cell expanded polystyrene aluminum roofing. This structural form has superior stength and great insulation qualities.
  Screen Rooms

Composite Roofs

Don't have a bug problem but want to get out of the sun and rain? Consider our closed cell expanded polystyrene aluminum roofing. This structural form has superior strength and great insulating qualities.
  Screen Rooms

Sun Rooms

Let us design a room to help you get away from it all! Imagine a room with open outside views, but protected from outdoor discomforts.

Screen Rooms

Custom Sheds

Our sheds are built entirely from ESP composite aluminum panels. A high-density expanded polystyrene core is used for the roof and walls.
  Screen Rooms

Mobile Homes

Most of our products can be added to mobile homes.

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